Victoria Beckham Poses In Her Skivvies For Armani Is That All There Is

) Pictures taken by Mert Ala and Marcus Piggott roll in the countryside, come spring. Then, because the lady wagged languages. A. He did look better here - in some way, softer - without clothes, like his typical fashion, his eyes on public access as a hunting knife. Beckham Katie Holme friendship and reported decreased Holmes. A couple of years ago, there was talk of Victoria the start of a career as a designer or a TV actress - who made a short-lived reality TV show. When the first Beckham moved to L. Beckham has been branded as a tabloid in which the fickle Beverly Hills BFF girl who Gaga for you for a week and then can t be bothered to return calls. Or those Gucci has borrowed the shoes! Now, Victoria Beckham areas as a model for intimate Emporio Armani. (Her husband has already peddled his, er, wares for Armani - see above, right. Do you think that these shots were hung in the living room?.

20.1.09 11:40

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